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003. “New Strategies for delivering an enjoyable literacy” - Workshop

Data: 13/05/2014

NR.: 3

DATA: 13.05.2014

TITOLO PROGETTO: “New Strategies for delivering an enjoyable literacy ”


TIPOLOGIA: Grundtvig - Workshop

ARGOMENTO: The pedagogical dimension of theater, especially in literacy processes.


Activity date:
26th June – 2nd July 2014.
Place of Workshop: Pola de Siero - Asturias
Country: Spain
Workshop Languages: Spanish and French.
Topic of the Workshop
The topic of the workshop is the relationshiop between drama and literacy. Drama, together with traditional lectures, enables the creation of a cognitive and operational framework aimed to the use and train of concepts and knowledge normally confined to pure theory. The workshop deals with the pedagogical dimension of theater, especially in literacy processes. A “playful”, relaxed atmosphere enables the pupils (especially those having troubles with the tradition school model) to adquire a set of key competences that can be useful in different situations: to listen, to repete, to express (being able to present themself in a smart way gives more chances during job interviews), but also to be punctual and to manage stress and social relations are some of the skills adquired with this “literacy with theater” methodology.
Target group(s):
Teachers, educators, staff, volunteers, social workers and all staff involved in adult literacy; workers in literacy projects, theater staff working in educative projects with marginalized groups or with special needs, unemployed interested in developing their professional knowledge in this specific field.
Expected number of participants: 20
Main activities / programme of the Workshop
The program will feature, on a reduced scale, all steps of a course of literacy with teather, as we experimented and developed during the time. The first part of the workshop has a traditional focus: reading, understanding, analysis, paraphrase of a written text, deepening of the lexicon, written elaboration, oral elaboration. Then the exercises will focus on a personal, “theatrical”, text reworking: listening, oral reworking and communication. During this part the exercises will cover phonetics, diction, emphasis, pauses, communication strategies.
Expected outputs (especially in terms of the learning outcomes for the participants and impact on their organisations/institutions)
Participants will acquire the practical basis to apply the “literacy with theater” metodology in different contexts, especially where traditional methods don’t work. With the skills adquired in this workshop, participants are in the condition to export this educational practice, that works in our territories, in their country/organization of origin. Beside the correct use of language the participants will learn to transmit other abilities, that breed directly from the better ability to communicate in their own language – as initiative, linguistic instruments to promote themselves in working places, learn to learn, social, civic, cultural and intercultural abilities. Furthermore, participants will lear to use correctly their voice’s tone, volume, warmth and rythm; narrate and use the right words / sounds to communicate more effectively.
Practical arrangements (including detailed information on the accommodation)
Participants will be hosted in Hotel, in Pola de Siero, in double rooms. Activities are going to be held mostly in the Municipal Hall.
After we confirm your participation you'll have to buy your tickets and send us a copy of your booking/invoices. Travel costs will be refunded for a maximum of € 350.00 for each participant after we collect all original receipts / boarding cards at your arrival at the workshop.

SCADENZA: 15th of May 2014.

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