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The Way We Leave The Way We Eat

programma Gioventù - azione 1 - scambi multilaterali

Project description:

o Name: The Way We Live ? The Way We Eat

o Aim : to explore cultural differences between participating nations through food and eating habits

o Date: 19.3. ? 28.3.2005

o Place: mountain cottage in Rokytnice nad Jizerou, Czech Republic

o Who: 5 European countries (1 leader over 18, 5 paricipants aged 16-20)

Dear friends,
Our youth club ? Alienteam.cz ? is organizing a multilateral exchange for 5 participating countries (1 leader + 5 participants aged 16-20).
Our aim is to explore cultural differences between participating nations through food and eating habits.

We would like to have a closer look at the national eating habits (national evening presentations) as well as to discuss various problems in connection with healthy diet (workshops).

Each country will have an opportunity to introduce their own country. In addition each participating country will have to cook one dinner for all participants. (Do not worry there will be a professional cook present for help)

Apart from activities connected with cooking, there will be a lot free time activities in which we will have a great chance to meet each other and have fun.

Please, see the attached progamme outlook for details. This is of course a working material which can be changed or added in the course of time.

According to the Youth agenda all participants are entitled to 70% travel refund.

All interested groups please fill in the enclosed Part III+IV forms. Remember to mail your PartIII form and also post it by regular post-service at the following address:
Alienteam.cz ? youth club
Mala Morava 8,
788 33 Hanusovice,
Czech Republic
Also remember the forms must carry an original stamp of your organisation and a signature. Our national agency does not accept faxes or pictures send by mail!! Do it now, we only have 3 weeks left for our application!!!