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Warsaw 28 April – 05 May 2007

APV will take place in Warsaw (Poland) on 23-25 March 2007.

The exchange program ?Culture in the age of globalization? will take place in Warsaw (Poland) on 28 April ? 5 May 2007.
For 7 days 6 different countries will be in Poland.
The group will be hosted in HOSTEL GARDEN VILLA (see the web site below)

Today the Globalization is Commercialization and it is bring the whole world together via trade. The people of the world are coming together via television, computers and cell phones. Because there is a difference in language, culture and traditions amongst all the people of the world, there is stress and strains to understand each other. These stress and strains have caused confusion and loss of identity through the fact that globalization has exploited countries so another country can benefit. All of this causes resentment and mistrust that bring people together in a divided spirit. This division only causes negative feelings that in time will cause conflicts to erupt and war most likely out come.

The idea that we have for this exchange is that the youth from the different countries come together to have a dialog and to share their way of life... culture, language, and traditions... The dialog is to find the similarities and to respect and honor the differences. The idea is to raise the consciousness of all the participants so that we all understand that we are all part of one family. The human family. Like it or not we are all related.

During our project we will share our concepts of culture, out traditions and customs by tools of intercultural learning. We will think about globalization in relation to our own countries and what kind of influence it has on us. We put importance on participants? points of view and different perspectives. We will make our museum and prepare street performance in the centre of Warsaw!

The activities to be done will concern about the knowledge, skills and motivation of the participants. We believe that giving chance young people to show their desires and skills with other young people by sharing the same atmosphere and showing them that they can create new things even in a short period of time.

The exchange program aims to give Polish and European organizations the opportunity to enhance exchange, partnership and co-operation. By discussing the experiences of the participants from various countries we hope to create chances to establish face-to-face contacts and discover new opportunities for further and long lasting relationships between different countries.

We cover 100% of accommodation only for the days of the event (for 7 days). Also 70% of the travel costs will be covered.
We are going to stay at a youth hostel in the center of Warsaw.
4 participants and 1 leader will join from each organization.

General information:
Partners: From European Union Member countries and partner countries of EUROMED (4 young people and 1 leader from each country)
Age Limit: young people should be between 18-25 years old - there is no age limit for the leaders
Contact person: Kinga Biskupska
phone: +48 605 065 424

Programme of activities for the exchange

28.04 - arrival of the participants and starting with energizers in the evening
29.04 - discussion about the programme of the exchange & about culture in general; visit the centre of Warsaw; international evening part 1
30.04 - workshop about art, discussion about film, literature, languages and dialects of different countries; international evening part 2
01.05 - making our own "museum"; quiz about stereotypes, music, art etc of participating countries; free evening
02.05 - discussion about fashion, styles etc; interviews with young people on the streets; international dances night
03.05 - "street art" - making a performance in the centre of Warsaw; free afternoon; international traditons & customs night
04.05 - making art with the UV light; discussion about globalization; ideas for further cooperation between organizations; evaluation; farewell party
05.05 - after the breakfast departures of participants.

Riferimento email: [email protected]

Sito web: www.gardenvilla.pl