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Il progetto (in inlgese)

Montijo, Portugal
26th March ? 2nd April

Country Organisation (& Number of participants)
Cyprus YEU Cyprus (4+1)
Greece Youth Information Centre of Evosmos (4+1)
Hungary Kikoto Association Hungary (4+1)
Irlanda Bray Youth Service (4+1)
Italy Euro-net (4+1)
Latvia Minority of Europe (4+1)
Poland Foundation for the Education and Enterprise (4+1)
Portugal Gabinete de Desenvolvimento Associativo e Cidadania (4+1)
UK Caer Castell Youth Centre (4+1)

Aims and Objectives
The main aim of this Exchange is to promote youth cooperation and citizen participation developing skills and competences in the beneficiaries regarding their awareness of European Citizenship.
At the same time, the exchange aims to proportionate to the youngsters an opportunity of mobility and active experience in a non-formal learning.
With this exchange Gabinete de Desenvolvimento Associativo e Cidadania will promote cultural diversity, values of citizenship and intercultural learning.
The exchange has the following specify objectives:
? Improve quality of Youth exchanges;
? Inclusion of young people with less opportunity into the Youth programme;
? Improve the skills, qualifications and personal development of the participants;
? Innovative character of the working methods, themes and target groups;
? Increase the knowledge of the European Citizenship.

The programme of the exchange will include different elements such as:
- Group Building (Introduction, get to know each other, team building, trust games);
- Cultural Diversity (Cultural Identity, Concept of Citizenship, Intercultural Sensitivity, Perception);
- Intercultural and Citizenship Dialogue;
- Participation (empowerment of youth & developing forms of participation, civil society and the role of multipliers);
- Project Development (several stages going through the programme);
- Evaluation and Follow up.

?Youth For Europe? was designed to create a space were participants will have the chance to experience and reflect upon activities and concepts related to citizenship education, intercultural learning and cultural diversity based on experiential learning approaches.
The exchange was also designed as a space for mutual learning, where participants exchange their approaches to training and compare cultural situation across Europe in a dialogical intercultural approach and environment.
The previous experience of participants, in the formal and non-formal sectors, will be the starting point of the programme and of the learning process.
The exchange will be developed in English.

The Team
The following trainers compose the team:
? Mr. Pedro Ruas (General Coordinator)
? Mrs. Rosário Pires
? Ms. Claudia Ramos
? Mr. Marco Santos

Technical Details
General Information
Time Zone Montijo is located in the GMT
Currency The official currency is Euro ?. In most of the establishments and shops, credit cards Visa and MasterCard are accepted.
Phone It is important that you change the protocols of your mobile telephones for their correct functioning during your stay in Portugal.
Weather Conditions March is the beginning of spring. The weather is cold but the temperature situates between 12º - 18º Celsius

Organisational Details
Participants are expected to arrive on Monday, 26th March, before 4 pm, at Lisbon airport.

The departure will be on Monday 2nd April, before lunch.

Havanesa Hostel
Rua Manuel Neves Nunes Almeida 7
Montijo 2870-352 MONTIJO

Lodging will be in double, triple or four people rooms with bathroom included. All the meals are included.

Reimbursement of Expenses
The 70 % of travel expenses are reimbursed. Participants must choose the cheapest travel option by plane (APEX, PEX fares). The organisation only reimburses public transport costs. No taxis will be reimbursed.

Accommodation before or after the activity is permitted only if it is impossible to get a flight on the correct day. This must been approved by the organisation at least 2 weeks prior to the activity.

Your travel expenses will be reimbursed only upon presentation of documentary evidence of the sum actually paid (original invoice, copy of credit card slip, etc). We will make a photocopy of the tickets you still will need to return and will keep the originals of ones you have already used. We also need original boarding pass and other original tickets (train, bus...)

Electronic tickets will only be reimbursed on receipt proof of payment (invoice, copy of credit card slip, etc) and on presentation of the boarding pass for the outward journey.
If you provide GDAC with all the necessary documentation (invoices, original boarding pass and bank details) you will be reimbursed by bank transfer at the end of the seminar. Do not

Other Information
What to Bring with you?
- Elements from your country to share with the rest of participants in the European Cultural Evening (food, drink, music, etc.);
- Bring a traditional “game” from your country;
- Examples of Active Citizenship in your country.
- Presentation of your NGO and country should not be prepared in power point

Complementary Information
To Know More About Montijo:
- www.mun-montijo.pt
- www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/pt-mtj.html

To Know more about Portugal:
- www.visitportugal.com
- www.portugalvirtual.pt

Phone Number Contact During The Exchange
+ 351 21 232 7878 (general number)
+ 351 91 486 74320 (Pedro Ruas)

Information about the exchange
Programme of the exchange