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Move your legs, wake up your mind

programma Gioventù - azione 1 - scambi multilaterali

Ochotnica Górna, POLAND
Polonia, Spagna, Italia, Lettonia
17-26 Settembre 2004 (8 giovani + 1 leader)

17th - SEPTEMBER-2004
? Arrival to Poland and moving to Ochotnica Górna.
? Accomodation in the hotel and games for meeting each other.
? Welcome activities.

18th -SEPTEMBER-2004
? Presentation of the programme and walk to know the village and arounds.
? Work in groups, game ?see the ability? for knowing better the obstacles of disabled people and their integration in the society.
? A brief questionary about our participants? countries, which stereotypes we have about our neighbours?
? Typical Italian night.

19th -SEPTEMBER-2004
? Visiting the castles in Niedzica and Czorsztyn.
? River rafting
? Typical Polish night.

? Workshops about situation of young people in rural areas, special training for how to be active in looking for a job.
? Free sport activities: football. Volleyball,etc
? Saturday party.
? All suggestions are welcomed!.

21st -SEPTEMBER-2004
? Free morning ( after Saturday party...)
? Watching a film without words ? an introduction to ICL and discussion.
? Discussion about the cultural impact, game ?non verbal communication?

22nd -SEPTEMBER-2004
? All long-day trip to mountains.
? Bonfire party.

23rd -SEPTEMBER-2004
? Tyrolina experience.
? Game ? what do I know about other countries? celebrities?
? Typical Latvian night.

24th -SEPTEMBER-2004
? Visit to Trzy Korony and Sokolica mountains.
? Workshop ?our future?, analysing our role in the community and our possible contribution, some suggestions for realise in our villages (information about Action 3)
? Typical Spanish night..

? Olympic Games of Strange Sports.
? Final conclusions, what have we learnt about each others, what was wrong or what surprised us.

? Prepare the luggage, last moments with our new friends, see you soon!