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We will speak about our problems

programma Gioventù - azione 1 - scambi multilaterali

We Speak About Our Problems
Action 1
Nasutow, Poland
6 - 14 October

Countries: Sweden, Poland, Italy, Bulgaria (Hopefully)

Youth exchange based on a daily life, problems, generation gap and issues concerning young people nowadays.


● Culture and art
● problems of young generation
● intercultural communication between people
● plans for future ? opportunities and chances
● peer groups, school, subcultures
● home, family
● stereotypes and intercultural ?conversations?

group size: 6 + 1
Age of participants: 16 - 19

● exchange of experiences and opinions on each topic ?touched? during the exchange
● getting to know different cultures, people, widening horizons
● integration of cultures
● breaking stereotypes, seraching for differences
● diversity as a source of identity of nowadays generation
● dialouge of different generations

Accomodation, food and local transport ? fully covered
trip expenses ? 70% reimbursment (according to rules of YOUTH Programme)

Programme of the exchange