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In search for good mark

programma Leonardo da Vinci - mobilità

New tourism products in tourism guides vocational training


Our proposal is directed to:
1. Managers of tourism agencies and organisations,
2. Pilots, guides responsible for vocational training and further development of tourism staff,
3. Tourism guiders,
4. Regional authorities representatives, who are responsible for tourism policy in the region.
Our idea is connected to:
1. Interpersonal contacts among tour operators, tourism agencies, hosting and sending organisations aimed at diverse target groups,
2. Preparation and implementation of the exchanges? programme in chosen hosting organisations,
3. Preparation ? in the strict combination with the achieved information, experiences and other outputs ? new tourism routes promoting regional products and interesting sites,
4. Implementation of the best proposals of new routes to the normal schedule of tourism guidance.
We want to realise this project because:
1. We would like to change the programme and methods of training in the field of tourism guidance connected to regional and local excursions,
2. We want to make a more interesting offer for the foreign tourists,
3. We want to promote our region,
4. We want to create a local or regional list of ?good marks? ? places worth to visit or see, not only because of their historical values,
5. We would like to go back from the traditional model of training and guiding to an interactive dialogue with tourists (as main beneficiaries of the provided services)
Project will be realised in:
1. Poland ? in the Pomeranian Region
2. Europe ? countries that are famous for their regional ?roots?.
Project will be lasting 18 months.

P.S. Even if parttner in the project, our organisation did not host any participants from Poland.