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Data: 25/05/2010

The LiLi-Kolleg is a graduate school of the Faculty of Linguistics and Literary Studies (LiLi). It was established in 2010 and will be accepting students from fall 2010 onwards. The graduate school offers ambitious PhD students - both German and international - an excellent academic environment, solid administrative backing and attractive financial support. Traditionally, a PhD project entails years of individual and often isolated work. By contrast, the graduate school aims to promote interaction between the members, via colloquia and workshops organized by the participants.

Membership in the LiLi-Kolleg is voluntary and only conditional on a member having a PhD project registered at the Lili Faculty or under the supervision of a member of the LiLi Faculty at Bielefeld University.
New doctoral candidates may only take up their membership of the LiLi-Kolleg at the start of the winter term. Since a high academic standard is a major criterion for acceptance, applicants should prepare a dossier giving as much information as possible on their academic record and potential. While any additional documentation of scholarly achievements is also welcome, the following items must be included:

- a CV;
- copies of degree certificates;
- a description, approximately ten pages in length, of the proposed PhD project;
- the names of two referees.

Send applications to the chair of the LiLi-Kolleg, Dr. Jan Andres.
[email protected]

Sito web: http://www.uni-bielefeld.de/lili/kolleg/

Email: [email protected]

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