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Stage a Washington presso la delegazione UE negli Stati Uniti

Data: 01/09/2010

Delegation of the European Commission to the USA Internship, Washington

Prossima scadenza: 15 settembre 2010

The Delegation of the European Commission offers a variety of internship positions at its office in Washington, DC.
Internships are intended to provide college and university students and recent graduates with the opportunity to acquire considerable knowledge of the European Union, its institutions, activities, laws, statistics and relations with the US. Internship applicants may be of any nationality.
Internships at the Washington Delegation are offered exclusively on a VOLUNTEER (unpaid) basis. Preference is given to candidates available on a FULL TIME basis, i.e., 35-40 hours per week, Monday through Friday.
Internships are offered three times a year in keeping with the “semester calendar” from: September through December (Fall semester); January through May (Spring semester); June through August (Summer session).

Internship Application Deadlines are as follows:
Fall Semester: May 15
Spring Semester: September 15
Summer Session: February 15
All applicants will receive a response.

Applications must contain a RÉSUMÉ, a RECENT ACADEMIC TRANSCRIPT, an APPLICATION FORM, a COVER LETTER indicating the reasons for pursuing an internship with the European Union, and a LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION from an academic institution.

Applicants may not have already benefited from previous internships, in-service training, or employment (paid or unpaid) with any of the EU institutions or bodies for more than six weeks.

Applicants who are selected for the program will need to provide proof of medical and accident insurance valid in the USA during their internship.

Sito web: http://www.eurunion.org/eu/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2267&Itemid=50

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