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Integration Developer

Data: 12/01/2011

Group SpA - Min. Aut. 26/11/2004 Prot. n° 1101 - SG - Job Ag. Inf. Reg. Enrolment.
The ICT Division, involved in the management of the human resources for Information Technology, Telecommunication and System Integration companies, researches: Integration Developer.

Integration developer designs and writes integration programs that interact directly with the application platform. These are programs that make use of standard APIs or other integration mechanisms to transmit data from, extract data from, push data to, or pull data into the application platform.

Key activities include:
- Estimating effort required for each integration point
- Designing the overall integration architecture in conjunction with experts in target systems
- Designing and coding integration programs including plug-ins, message sinks (and supporting business rules), and programs that call the application APIs
- Setting up and managing automated build and testing processes (if included in project scope)
- Resolving issues identified in testing

Job Requirements:
- Experience in Java programming and in application integration.
- Experience with other modern technologies, such as SQL, XML, and scripting languages
- Experience with modern integrated development environments such as Eclipse or WSAD
- Perfect knowledge and fluency in English to work in an international team
- Mastership in Insurance field is nice to have

Integration developers will receive training on the application platform as part of the implementation project.

Starting date: immediately

Location: Bologna

It is offered a long-term contract (with possibility of relocation package)

Selected applicants will be contacted by telephone for an interview in our offices.

Send Resume reference (Ref: IntDeveloper-BO) at [email protected]

The offers are aimed at people of both sexes (Leg. No 198/2006). Interested parties are requested - before sending the applications - check the privacy policy (Articles 13 and 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003) on the site www.gigroup.it

Email: [email protected]

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