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Configuration Developer

Data: 12/01/2011

Group SpA - Min. Aut. 26/11/2004 Prot. n° 1101 - SG - Job Ag. Inf. Reg. Enrolment.
The ICT Division, involved in the management of the human resources for Information Technology, Telecommunication and System Integration companies, researches: Configuration Developer.

Configuration developers are primarily responsible of modifying the application platform itself to conform to customer-specific requirements. The applications provide multiple configuration mechanisms that configuration developers will use.

Key activities include:
· Configuring screen layouts, including creation of new screens, in XML files
· Writing business rules and other business logic in Script (specific scripting language)
· Creating form and letter templates and their supporting XML descriptor files
· Defining insurance products in the application platform
· Configuring operational parameters such as roles and permissions, user attributes, regions, etc.
· Creating and managing sample data
· Managing the overall application configuration and merging it with new releases of the application
· Creating and modifying reports
· Resolving issues identified in testing

Job Requirements:
- Good skills in configuring the application platform involves coding in XML and in similar to JavaScript.
- Good skills in configuration, developers should have programming experience, preferably in modern technologies.
- Experience writing XML
- Experience programming in JavaScript, VB, Java, C#, or similar
- Familiarity with SQL
- Ability to debug software issues
- Perfect knowledge and fluency in English to work in an international team
- Mastership in Insurance field

Configuration developers will receive training on the application platform as part of the implementation project.

Starting date: immediately

Location: Bologna

It is offered a long-term contract (with possibility of relocation package)

Selected applicants will be contacted by telephone for an interview in our offices.

Send Resume reference (Ref: ConfDeveloper-BO) at [email protected]

The offers are aimed at people of both sexes (Leg. No 198/2006). Interested parties are requested - before sending the applications - check the privacy policy (Articles 13 and 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003) on the site www.gigroup.it

Email: [email protected]

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