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Freelance Sales Representatives

Data: 05/10/2011

Il Servizio Eures dell’AFOL di Milano segnala la seguente offerta di lavoro:
Freelance Sales Representatives.

Eures reference: 27843
National reference: 27843
Number of posts: 50
Country: Spain

5 vacancies per country: Germany, France, Austria, Sweden, Italy, Norway, Czeck Republic, Netherlands, Belgium & Spain. To work from their own country. Spanish company based in Barcelona, specialising in construction of industrial parks, searching for freelance sales representative, to attract companies interested in internationalizing their business in emerging countries. Candidates must be knowledgeable about industry and investors; hardworking, entrepreneurial and wanting to promote. Important Sales Commissions on targets.

Good command of English and language of the country. 1 year initial contract.

More info: www.groupgraells.com

Required languages: INGLÉS - FLUIDO, OTROS - FLUIDO

Geographical Information
Country: Spain

Accommodation provided: No
Relocation covered: No
Meals included: No
Travel expenses: No

Professional qualifications required: No
Information: Josep Mateu
Address: Can Ubach, 21-23 St.Vicenç dels H. Barcelona;St.Vicenç dels Horts;08620;Spain
Phone: +34 936569900
Fax: +34936562012
Email: [email protected]

How to apply: Letter + CV to EMPLOYER

Contact: TALLERES GRAELLS Josep Mateu ( phone:+34 936569900, fax: +34936562012)

Sito web: www.groupgraells.com

Email: [email protected]

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