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TDH – Project Manager – Libano e Giordania

Data: 12/04/2016

La Fondazione Terre des hommes Italia sta selezionando un/a Project Manager per la sua operatività in Libano e Giordania. Scadenza candidature 5 maggio 2016.

Project Manager

Paese: Libano e Giordania
Scadenza della vacancy: 5 Maggio 2016

Terre des Hommes Italia (TDH IT) is an International NGO member of the International Federation Terre des Hommes, and of several Italian NGO coordinating bodies, including CINI, the Italian Network of International NGOs. We implement relief and mid-term programmes and projects in the fields of education, primary health, protection, PSS and children’s rights.

Since the beginning of the Syria crisis, with the support of various donors (ECHO, UNICEF, UNHCR—) TDH IT has provided assistance to Syrian refugee families fleeing their country and looking for shelter in Lebanon, as well as to the Lebanese host communities.

In June 2016, TDH IT, as a Member of an International Consortium cofounded by MADAD – The EU Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis – is due to start a 32 month intervention in Lebanon and Jordan aiming to enhance school readiness, inclusion and retention of child victims of the Syrian Crisis in the two countries.

The intervention is based on an high level of coordination with the Ministries of Education in Lebanon and Jordan, and it is in accordance with the Lebanon RACE (Reach All Children with Education: the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education strategy in Response to the crisis, 2014) as well as with the Education Sector priorities of the Jordan Response Plan (JRP), 2015. It includes activities in the fields of ECE and ECD, BLN, enhancing students’ command of foreign languages, supporting the inclusion of children in formal education and providing learning support to children already enrolled in school. Limited infrastructural works in target schools as well as awareness campaigns at the community level to promote enrolment of children in schools are also envisaged, together with communication campaigns to be conducted in the two countries and at the European Level.

The achievement of the intervention’s objectives and its impact largely depends on the synergies established between the three Member Organizations of the Consortium and the Ministries of Education/Higher Education in the two countries, as well as on the ability to harmonize the methodologies adopted by the three organizations. To facilitate this process, the intervention foresees the establishment of a Programmes Committee which will include experts, whose task will be to provide support and ensure a high quality intervention.

Within this context, Terre des Hommes Italia is looking for an experienced Project Manager with proven experience in managing mid-term interventions in ME countries, with a focus on Education and/or PSS and/or Protection, advanced communication and negotiation skills, a perfect command of the PCM and the EU financial and administrative procedures, and the ability to work in partnership with organizations and institutions of different backgrounds.

The Project Manager will be based in Lebanon, but also required to implement missions to Jordan. She/he will refer to the Programme Leading Committee chaired by the Consortium Chief of Party, and be member of TDH IT Delegation leading committee in Lebanon.

Since the position advertised for is unaccompanied, the organization will not be responsible for providing benefits for the PM’s family members, with the exception of a one-time bonus to cover their travel expenses and health insurance for a maximum of two family members.

Terms of Reference for the Position:
The expatriate Project Manager will be in charge of planning the project activities in Lebanon and Jordan, supervising their implementation in both countries, and reporting, while ensuring their qualitative and quantitative compliance with the project document, as approved by the donor.

In particular she/he will be in charge of:
Managing the relationship with the local authorities at the Governorate/District Levels and reporting to the Chief of Party for any issues to be dealt with at the Country Level. This includes: 1.1 Presenting the project to the Local authorities and communities in the areas of intervention 1.2 Drafting, negotiating and signing, if any, the MOUs with local partners/local authorities, stating roles, tasks and responsibilities of both parties.1.3 Providing the PLC timely with information related to any obstacles faced concerning local authorities/partners which could hamper the smooth implementation of the project’s activities.

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