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123. "Creative Young Entrepreneurship" - Training Course

Data: 15/04/2017

NR.: 123

DATA: 15.04.2017

TITOLO PROGETTO: "Creative Young Entrepreneurship"

RICHIESTA PROVENIENTE DA: Associate Professor Sümeyra Buran (Turchia)

TIPOLOGIA: Training Course

ARGOMENTO: Gain knowledge and awareness about innovation, creativity, barriers to creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation in youth work and the importance of creativity etc.


Activity date:
13th - 20th of May 2017.
Venue place, venue country: Ankara, Turkey.
Summary: We can see change and development are rapidly flowing even while living in the first quarter of the century. Problem solving, cooperative work, critical thinking, effective communication, creativity skills, are basic skills expected from the youth.
Target group: Youth workers, Trainers, Youth leaders, Project managers, Youth Policy Makers, EVS mentors/tutors, Youth Participants.
For participants from: Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries.
Group size: 33 participants
Our anticipated results and effects of the project will be summarized in the following way:
Participants will:
• Gain knowledge and awareness about innovation, creativity, barriers to creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation in youth work and the importance of creativity etc. information on issues and;
• Develop the communication, entrepreneur, cooperation, teamwork, creativity, problem solving and communication skills in a foreign language which people will need most in the 21st century;
• Develop new tools and methods related to entrepreneurship which can be applied in youth work;
• Gain new perspectives on entrepreneurship and creating awareness of entrepreneurship;
• The ability of young people to look through the different perspectives and to establish an intercultural dialogue thanks to the fact that they will be working together with different cultures;
• It will contribute to the development of key competences of the young;
• Existing effectiveness of studies in the civil society and youth in the field of youth employment and entrepreneurship;
• It will be provided to be performed adn designed better projects planned to be carried out in the future while developing dialogue and cooperation, experience sharing between the different actors and the youth workers working in the field of Employment and Entrepreneurship;
• The level of knowledge of young people and youth workers will be increased about the general situation of the implementation of the European Employment Strategy policy.
• New approaches and workable solutions will be suggested for problems identified according to the findings obtained by examining already applied and becoming successful practices about the young people’s participation in labor and creativity of them;
• Obstacles for young people to take part in economic life will be identified and social awareness will be increased to reduce it;
• A contribution to the strengthening the capacity of organizations operating in the youth field will be provided.
Travel Cost Reimbursement:
When we get your original arrival and return boarding passes, tickets and invoices then reimbursement will be your bank accounts.(If there is any transfer cost by the banks, it will cover from everyone travel cost, we will not cover it) You should to know without all this documents, no any reimburse, so please dont lost your any kind of documents.(Espically Boarding Passes) If you want to learn detailed travel cost from your home town to project place then please contact with us for that info. Visa Cost: UK, Poland, Spain, Portugal has visa cost. The other nations does not need visa to enter Turkey. Yes, we will organise and provide accommodation and food for free. No, We don't expect a participation fee from participants.
Working language: English.

SCADENZA: 25th of April 2017.

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Phone: 00905071234575

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