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176. "Reinforce adult learning" - Training Course

Data: 27/05/2017

NR.: 176

DATA: 27.05.2017

TITOLO PROGETTO: "Reinforce adult learning"

RICHIESTA PROVENIENTE DA: Nazie Amisulashvili (Georgia)

TIPOLOGIA: Training Course

ARGOMENTO: One of the core values of project "Games to reinforce adult learning" is promoting the learning of young people through their involvement in open youth work activities, and particularly in game techniques.


Activity date:
11th - 16th of August 2017
Venue place, venue country: Kvareli, Kakheti region of Georgia.
Summary: TC Games to reinforce adult learning will be a 6 day training course, taking place in Kvareli, Georgia 11-16 August, 2017 and will bring 28 international participants together.
Target group: Youth leaders, Young people involved in youth activities.
For participants from: Albania, Armenia, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Ukraine.
Group size: 28 participants
Interactive cognitive complexity theory suggests that simulation games are more effective than other instructional methods because they simultaneously engage trainees’ effective and cognitive processes, when doing international projects with young people and youth workers (both volunteer and professional), games help to overcome language and cultural barriers quickly, and with a smile, fun engages teenagers, Fun fosters community, creates memories, decreases differences.
With this training we want the project and participants to reach following objectives:
• To learn about youth work practice across Europe;
• To understand the theory and practice of game playing;
• To explore the techniques of successful workshop planning;
• To develop practical skills in leading games with young people;
• To be able to use techniques of non-formal learning with young volunteers within their own organizations;
• To have a good working knowledge of the Erasmus + Programme;
• To develop new projects together.
The participants profile:
• Representatives of organizations that has *Person, active in the youth field;
• Possibility to attend entire project from the begging to the end;
• Interested in setting further co-operation with similar organizations from other European countries;
• Participants are expected to be advanced in English as the main working language will be English.
Participants will be reimbursed travel costs up to the following maximum amount which is determined by European Commission and calculated in distance band calculator: Georgia 20 Euro; Armenia 180 Euro; Ukraine 275 Euro; Romania 275 Euro; Estonia 360 Euro; Italy 360 Euro; Albania 360 Euro; Spain 530 Euro; Portugal 820 Euro; Germany 360 Euro. Food and accommodation is provided and covered 100% for all the participants. There is a 20€ participation fee
Working language: English.

SCADENZA: 12th of June 2017.

[email protected]
Phone: 00995555555251

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